Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mongoose Publishing - Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Block War expansion

There are 3 things that should keep me from posting this.

First, I'm a bit disappointed by what little I've seen of the new Judge Dredd film... it so very much doesn't look like Mega-City One, and any film with 3D in its title turns me off just a little before I've even started watching.

Secondly, I'm starting to form some very strong opinions about established companies using Kickstarter, which, to my mind, is a bit against its original purpose.  This might explain why I've covered DreadBall quite a bit but haven't posted the link to its Kickstarter... I'm pretty sure Mantic Games could and would have financed this without taking your money early.  It could be argued that it's being used as a promotional vehicle.

Last, the Kickstarter I'm about to post a link to has already been funded, in its first day no less.

However, seeing the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game succeed is really gratifying, even extending to a personal level.  It helped get the ThoughtonBOT and myself back into miniature gaming with its low-commitment entry (a few inexpensive models, and you can get started... perfect!) and wide scope for creativity... the background fluff is already immense and allows for some really interesting stories and conflicts.  Plus, material discussed and written by myself and my gaming group (read: friends) has actually made it into the game itself.  What could be more personal than that?

In fact, it's astounding that I haven't mentioned it on this blog yet.  Hmm, have to see to that in the near future.

So, this link is a Kickstarter for the Block War supplement.  Matthew Sprange explains more on the video linked.  And today, dear readers, I found out that last name rhymes with "strange"... who knew?


  1. Just saw this, Junk robots, maybe?

    I want most of the stuff on here.

    1. Yeah, those bits are ideal for junk robots, or even more standard robots who have upgraded themselves and want to cause more damage. I'd love to see a domestic robot gone rogue with a chainsaw arm.

      In a universe where I have infinite money and infinite time, all those bits are already mine and I've made some amazing creations with them. A man can but dream.

  2. Need play Block war!!!!!!

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