Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Printable Senet Boards

As part of my quest to play more Senet, I mentioned last post that I'd make myself a Senet board to play on.  As such, I've thrown together a few printable boards that I think are worth sharing, and if they're not to anyone's taste I guarantee a full refund.

The first one is based on how, if I made a board from wood, it would look in my head before I ended up ruining a small pile of good wood and gluing my fingers to anything and everything in sight.  (All the images are clickable, so feel free to do just that.)

printable senet board

The next one is the board I'll actually be printing off for myself.  It's image conscious.  It's sleek and professional.  It's printer friendly.

print friendly senet board

Finally, just for the lulz, is one that isn't so much styled after ancient Egypt as a forgotten spaceborne race who left behind their own game that just so happened to be just like Senet.  Only made of alien rock and glass, obviously.

senet board game

Feel free to use these and let me know how you get along with them in the comments.  Likewise, shout out if you've got any requests.


  1. You might like this too :)

    It comes from somewhere near here, apparently

    1. That's amazing, thank you. :) I've never heard of that before, but, then again, the same was true of Senet not too long ago. I wonder how many other forgotten games there are? Seems like if I find enough I could feature them all in a round-up.

  2. Is it cool if I try some photoshop whim-whammery on these? If your E-mail is still the same I'll send you my better efforts.

    1. Absolutely! I'd love to see what you can come up with.

      And, yep, feel free to send it to just about any of the eleventy-billion email addresses I have, I'm sure I'll pick it up from one of them.