Friday, 10 February 2012

Printable Senet Boards 2

Sorry for my minor absence, if that's what you call a little over a week without a post.  I'm sure I'll be able to give you longer and more unexplained hiatuses in the future, so don't feel disappointed if this one wasn't long enough for you, my faithful readers.  All six of you.

Baron vonKadreisehn has sent me a new bunch of themed senet boards, and frankly I think they put my own efforts squarely in their place.  He's granted kind permission for me to include them here, so get your printers heated up and pick your favourite from these three.

Post-Apocalyptic Senet Board
Baron vonKadreisehn explains: I'd recommend using bottlecaps as counters and bolts/nails/chicken bones (boiled clean) as "sticks".

post apocalyptic senet board

Steampunk Senet Board
Baron vonKadreisehn beclaims: Good day sir, may I joyously present for your senet related appreciation a board based upon the theme of steampunkery!  May I recommend gears or small brass octopods as counters and possibly clockhands and slender brass nicknackery as sticks?  Splendid! ...if perhaps somewhat awkward to obtain.

steampunk senet board

Biomech Senet Board
A terrifying whisper permeates from places unknown: Greetingssss two-leg-meat, we the Hissnastypoids have sssubverted your feeble senet board to our biomechy-hivey based purposessss. We demand that as counters and sticksss you use ...pitiful human countersss and sticks (unless you can find nasssty biomech-y counters and sticks upon your worthlesss dirtball.)

biomech senet board