Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mantic Games - DreadBall vs Blood Bowl

Just a quickie.

In my first post when DreadBall was announced/teased I incautiously criticised Mantic Games for stealing the idea directly from GW's Blood Bowl.

Mantic Games DreadBall RefBot
The RefBot cautions me that any further unfounded accusations will not be looked upon lightly
To be fair, it really did look like Blood Bowl In Space.

But Jake Thornton on his Quirkworthy blog has said the differences are numerous, and DreadBall isn't designed to copy Blood Bowl.  And I can respect that.  And he makes a good case, to boot.

So, I formally retract my accusations of thematic theft*, and I won't speculate further until I've played the game.  And some more Blood Bowl.

* And quietly apologise to Jake, too.  He was always my favourite White Dwarf editor, y'know.


  1. Huge Blood Bowl fan, and loving FFG's new card game take on the classic. But since I'm always on the lookout for more new games, this one has just firmly planted itself on my radar.

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